About us


Kore Kamino is a new concept of virtual travelling through fashion.

How does this new concept work? Well, we travel to a country and then translate our experiences there into a fashion collection. We might find the inspiration of this country’s collection in a story or in a myth; in somebody’s life or in a local insight; in a tradition or in a poem… meaning we aim to represent a human touch or aspect of that country throughout the collection’s pieces.

We live in the country for long enough to see its many different facets before deciding on the inspiration for the collection’s idea. Then we design all the pieces of the collection in the country. And finally we produce it with the help of local artisans. By repeating this process in different countries, we have become a “travelling fashion company”.

Our objective is to create at least one collection for each country in the world, with the purpose of introducing you to the people of our stories in a very human way. We believe that by wearing one of the items in our collections you will become connected to these people’s lives.



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