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What does it take to make a fashion shoot in Nepal? A touch of serendipity and A LOT of improvisation! Thanks god we are half Spanish at Kore Kamino šŸ˜‰

Waking up at 1 a.m to get the ironing done is not our usual kind of routine but because the electricity was only on from 1 a.m to 6 a.m that day (the timetable of rolling blackouts became our bible on that trip) and we were staying with a local family there was no generator for us. So ironing at 1 a.m it was.

Also the idea of a “beautiful lady” in Kathmandu was quite remote from Kore Kamino’s ideal. Imagine Falcon Crest meets Bollywood? Well the applications we received for our photo shoot were somewhere around these lines. Our casting in Nepal was the most laborious we’ve had to date. Many girls were really shy too, one of the reasons being that, sadly, trafficking is still very active in Nepal. Luckily for us, at the last minute we found the natural beauty we admire in three young women from Kathmandu. And Menuka, Ishwari and Neha became our muses for the day.


Menuka getting ready + some choice of props for the girl in red


The local crowd taking a look at our shooting sequence and fitting order + a lovely little boy wondering what on earth is going on


Kike shooting Menuka with a bunch of local ladies + the same ladies showing some interest for the collection


Anna mingling with local ladies + John and Anna after a productive day shoot

In the end it was a fantastic team and shoot, thanks to Kathmandu based documentary photographer John Healey. We felt soĀ privileged to meet these passionate people along the way, among others, local journalist Bibek Bhandari, actress Menuka Pradhan, artist and researcher Renuka Gurung,Ā home-stay owner and producer Sarita Awale and young Canadian adventurerĀ Asad Chishti . Thank you all for your help. Namaste.



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