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taking offnepalIt had not been in our plan to make a Nepalese collection.

For some reason we felt Nepal had been covered and done and that it’d be challenging to find something unique and fresh there.

Our travel photographer friend Jeremy kept raving about Nepal however, and what a special place it was. Now when you know Jeremy and all the remote and fabulous places he’s covered, you start thinking “well, actually maybe we SHOULD go to Nepal”

At the time we were still very much in and out of Brittany, our head full of pink little onions and charming French grandpas… But in April Anna needed a break so she escaped for a holiday to Kathmandu. And as it turned out it was a total shock. She fell in love with the city immediately.

sanus housepatankathmanduBack in Bangkok she convinced Kike they had to go back. The city was swarming with history, rites and mind blowing architecture and she was convinced a very special story was waiting for them there…

These shots are the first ones taken when landing in Kathmandu. A feel for the city and the culture, with a hint of the restrained joy before a treasure waiting to be discovered.



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